Static websites on Azure

Using Azure Storage and Azure CDN for cheap static website hosting with free SSL

I’m a big fan of generating static websites from templates. This blog uses the excellent Hugo static site generator. The big question of course is how to host your static website in an easy and cost-effective manner.

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to use Azure Storage and Azure CDN to easily host your static website for mere pennies a month.

Hosting a static website from a blob storage container

A few prerequisites:

  • Use BASH, ZSH or other shells with BASH-compatibility
  • Make sure to install the Azure CLI 2.0
  • Your static website content lives in the folder public within the current directory.
# Creates a resource group
az group create --location "West US" \
--name berndverst-staticwebsite-group
# Creates a blob storage account
# Locally-redundant storage (LRS) should suffice.
# We will require frequent access and therefore choose the Hot tier.

az storage account create --location "West US" \
--name berndverststaticwebsite \
--resource-group berndverst-staticwebsite-group \
--kind BlobStorage --sku Standard_LRS --access-tier Hot
# Exports our storage account's connection string to variable $CON
# We will frequently need to provide the connection string.

export CON=$(az storage account show-connection-string \
--name berndverststaticwebsite \
--resource-group berndverst-staticwebsite-group | \
grep -Eo "\"DefaultEndpointsProtocol.*")
# Creates a container or bucket for our static website
az storage container create --name blog --connection-string $CON
# Makes the container publicly (anonymously) accessible
az storage container set-permission --connection-string $CON \
--name blog --public-access container
# Uploads a single file to our container
az storage blob upload --container-name blog \
--connection-string $CON --name index.html \
--file public/index.html

Thie following doesn’t work – it sets the wrong content type:

# We can upload files of the same content-type in bulk.
# This would set a content-type of application/octet-stream for all files.

az storage blob upload-batch --type block \
--connection-string $CON --destination "blog" --source public/

Instead we have to do this:

# Upload all files of a specific content type in batches.

# Copy all CSS files
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "text/css" --pattern "*.css"

# Copy all PNG images
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "image/png" --pattern "*.png"

# Copy all GIF images
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "image/gif" --pattern "*.gif"

# Copy all JPG images
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "image/jpg" --pattern "*.jpg"

# Copy all HTML files
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "text/html" --pattern "*.html"

# Copy all JavaScript files
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "application/javascript" --pattern "*.js"

# Copy all XML files
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "text/xml" --pattern "*.xml"

# Copy all Icon files
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "image/x-icon" --pattern "*.ico"

# Copy all ZIP files
az storage blob upload-batch --connection-string $CON \
--destination "blog" --source public/ \
--content-type "application/zip" --pattern "*.zip"

# ... Continue doing this for other file types

CDN, Custom Domain Mapping & SSL

Unfortunately, this is where our CLI support ends, so we’ll be heading over to the Azure portal.

Search for CDN and create a new Standard Verizon CDN (this is the only CDN supporting custom domains with SSL).

Creating a CDN

Next we create a CDN Endpoint (or distribution). This maps a CDN URL to our blob storage container origin.

Creating a CDN Endpoint

When you have completed the set up things should look like this:

CDN Endpoint Summary

Now let’s add a custom domain.

Creating a custom domain mapping

Before we can configure our custom domain mapping we need to create a CNAME entry for our desired custom domain (in this case pointing to our CDN endpoint URL (here in our DNS.

Confirming the DNS record has been set up correctly:

dig cname +short
# returns ""

Click on your newly created custom domain and enable SSL.

Enable SSL for custom domain

Confirm ownership of your domain by clicking the link in the digicert verification email.

Confirm domain ownership for SSL cert issuance

SSL support should start within the next 8 hours.

And we are done. now serves the content of our blob storage account.


Azure Blob Storage does not yet support default documents for folders, so requests to / or /folder won’t load /index.html or /folder/index.html respectively

  • You will need to use full file names for links.
  • Visitors to your site must visit


If you are wondering how much all of this would actually cost us. See below the calculations for my little blog.

Service type Custom name Region Description Estimated Cost
Storage Storage West US 1/GB storage: block type, Basic tier, LRS redundancy, hot access tier. , 5000 x10,000 put/create container transactions , 1000 x10,000 others transactions (except delete which is free), 1/GB data retrieval, 1/GB data write, 1/GB data geo-replication. $0.05
Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network 1 GB/Month Zone1, 0 GB/Month Zone 2, 0 GB/Month Zone 3, 0 GB/Month Zone 4, 0 GB/Month Zone 5 $0.09
Data Transfers Bandwidth West US 5 GB/Month Zone 1 (North America, Europe) $0.00
Support Support $0.00
Monthly Total $0.14
Annual Total $1.63

Disclaimer: All prices shown are in US Dollar ($). This is a summary estimate, not a quote. For up to date pricing information please visit This estimate was created at 4/5/2017 10:58:48 PM UTC.

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